France Lavin

France Lavin

With over 20 years of professional design experience, France is an accomplished interior designer and interior architect. She has been creating unique homes, along with her team coast-to-coast. Recently, in 2021 France relocated to The Sea Ranch in Sonoma County, California. She’s now designing only locally.

With education in marketing and business, along with interior architecture, France provides consulting and complete interior architecture, design and decor. She is reputed for her unique creativity, loyalty, patience, trustworthiness and friendliness.
As an authentic people person, she is an expert at guiding clientele through each stage of interior design or renovation project. Her ability to reflect individual client personalities and lifestyles is a rare talent.


“ I design not just attractive & intriguing spaces, but comfortable and functional homes.”


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A solution for a long, narrow boring hallway? Add clear acrylic panels with standoffs at varying heights. Then add ceiling track lighting and look what happens! The light and colorful art is reflected and bounces its beauty everywhere. Boring, no longer.
Here's the 'Before' photo of the courtyard deck. Look at that rectangular cement structure in the middle. You'll never guess that this was some previous designer's idea of a hot tub! Clients hate it. Hired me for lots of changes.
Pacific front home I'm designing the courtyard deck for casual contemporary entertaining and sunset viewing.

Trying to post the before photo
"Double the Phones, Double the Power! Taking on remodeling challenges like a pro designer. Juggling two conversations effortlessly, making magic happen on-site. Loving every bit of this crazy journey! 💪🏢🔨 

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Introducing France Lavin, Your Destination for Exquisite Interior and Architectural Design! With 25 years of design experience, France Lavin brings unparalleled expertise to new construction and remodel projects. From conceptualizing stunning spaces to crafting awe-inspiring aesthetics, France's creative vision knows no bounds. Whether you're seeking a modern oasis, a timeless classic, or a fusion of styles, France will transform your vision into reality. Experience the artistry of design and elevate your living spaces to new heights with France Lavin. Contact us today for a consultation! 

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🌿 Bring nature's serenity indoors and elevate your space with an enchanting touch of natural beauty! 🍃 Delight in a stunning bowl of delicate plants, adding a touch of greenery and a breath of fresh air to home. 🏠 Experience tranquility and let your surroundings radiate with serenity. ✨

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Unlock your creativity and find inspiration in the peacefulness of nature. Channeling my inner artist among the beauty of spring flowers.

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