Custom Furniture

France Lavin Design has created special pieces of furniture for clientele over the years. From conception to completion, we see that each piece is handcrafted down to the smallest detail using form, function and optimal design.

Custom Table

This dining table was customized to accommodate a client’s wishes of a contemporary version of a live edge table. We used reclaimed wood for the strong base and mimic the live edge of a tree with glass.

This table can be custom made to your specifications and will take 20 weeks from final approval of drawings to delivery.

Custom Bed

Custom Furniture

Often we are presented with obstacles during the pre-planning stages of design projects. Some are impossible to predict and ultimately require creative solutions.  Finding the perfect furniture at the perfect price was something we couldn’t easily accomplish while shopping for this room.   The need to find alternative options can be due to size requirements, prohibitive cost, functionality flaws or undesired finish & color. Often times the perfect solution just doesn’t exist.  This circumstance is exactly what we ran into recently . . . our solution was to design and create custom pieces.

This bed was inspired by a vision, while fabric of mohair was on their wish list too.  We designed the dimensions around mechanical mattress system they purchased. Finding a divine chocolate mohair fabric significantly reduced in cost (due to liquidating a first run) made it possible to grant a wish-list item for our client. France was inspired by the client’s love of acrylic so we added the custom acrylic obelisks to the posts to enhance the bed’s height, creating an elegant and grande feel. After many calls to acrylic companies that make furniture and such, we struggled to find a company who could make them in a reasonable price range. I finally found a trophy company to make them- was a fun project for them as well!

Additionally, we designed a coordinating dresser and hutch both for room composition and functionality of storage.

They rely on our renderings and engineers’ advise to fully understand the expectations of the final product. Review, recalculate and measure again, just one more time… to avoid costly mistakes.
The France Lavin Design team has worked with craftsmen who have been able to realize the vision we create for our furniture.

Keeping the work local keeps the carbon footprint to a minimum as well. We know that creating custom furniture requires creative and experienced professionals. In the end our clients can say they have a one-of-a-kind!

More Custom Furniture will be added soon