Niche Services

Given today’s changing lifestyles, we have been faced with many client needs that fit outside the normal design services. Charging hourly or upon an agreed flat fee, we generate a custom plan for you within, but not limited to, the following services:


Whether it’s tile & lighting for a bathroom, furniture for an entire room, or simply that new special piece for your entry, we can help you. If you like to shop on your own, but need guidance with space planning, color consultation, proportion and scale, we can help you do it right. Just want us to walk through your home and give ideas you can use? We’re happy to do that too!

ONE-DAY HOME DESIGN (or sometimes 2)!
With one day and two designers, we can transform your existing space into a completely new home utilizing your current belongings. We can rearrange, remove & place your accessories. We then propose suggested items to be replaced or purchased: furnishings, lighting, accessories, etc. A huge difference can be made with little time or cost to you!


Finding that you’re single again? Used to having a beautiful, comfortable place you called home, and are now starting over? From scratch, we have helped many newly single people design and procure everything from entire house furnishings down to each accessory including silverware and pictures of their children. For you we design, replenish and reflect your personal style and comfort for your new lifestyle with ease and convenience.


You may have a need that is unique to us . . . Let us help you with that design.